Paul Rogers Bio

1905-1990 Started tattooing in 1928 in North Carolina. Sailor Jerry was influenced by and talked a lot about Paul Rogers. -June 13, 1972.  “[Paul Rodgers] meticulously copied Coleman designs one by one until he had mastered the style as near as possible.  Today he is the damned best Coleman stylist in the game, although Spaulding… Continue reading Paul Rogers Bio

Owen Jensen Bio

1880’s-1976 Owen Jensen started out as a railroad machinist. First tattooed in Detroit. Came to Southern California in 1925 and set up a tattoo supply business.  He offered a full line of equipment including approximately 4 different styles of machines, all cast in bronze with silver tipped springs and contact screws.  $5 each, 2 for $9, six for… Continue reading Owen Jensen Bio

Milton Zeis Bio

Ralph Johnson (d.1962), a tattooist and banner painter, drew flash for the Milton Zeis catalog in Chicago in the 1950’s. Zeis had a thriving mail-order tattoo supply business which sold machines and design sheets He advertised in popular mechanics. In a 1947 publication, Zeis estimated that, “there are from 50,000 to 60,000 different tattoo designs.”… Continue reading Milton Zeis Bio

William Dampier and His Painted Prince

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] A NEW VOYAGE ROUND THE WORLD Written by BY William Dampier in 1697 Prefice (2015) The following articles contain excerpts from A NEW VOYAGE ROUND THE WORLD written by BY William Dampier in 1697. William Dampier set sail in 1679. He associated with buccaneers but was not likely a true “pirate” in any full sense of the word. He brought back… Continue reading William Dampier and His Painted Prince

August “Cap” Coleman Bio

Augustus Coleman 1884-1973 Opened in Norfolk Virginia after WWI until 1950 His bold, quick style set the standard for much of traditional American tattooing. He originated countless classic designs. -Sailor Jerry Dec 19, 1970.  “Frankie Martin taught Harry Lawson taught Coleman how to set up machines and lay solid black.”

Sailor Jerry Needles

Jan 16 1971.  “…the only shade I ever use on roses is on the tiny interior corners… 7 needle line with center needle pulled back to make a hollow six…  Now that I’m magging the black and color with a long soft stroke, I don’t worry about the competition.” April (May?)3, 1971.  “Got a single… Continue reading Sailor Jerry Needles