Sailor Jerry Needles

Jan 16 1971.  “…the only shade I ever use on roses is on the tiny interior corners… 7 needle line with center needle pulled back to make a hollow six…  Now that I’m magging the black and color with a long soft stroke, I don’t worry about the competition.”

April (May?)3, 1971.  “Got a single needle #7 out of a sewing packet for an outliner and used a spraddled out 6 needle liner for a round shader to use on these females…”

April 9, 1971.  “…for the girl’s work I’ve been using a single needle outline.”

Oct 4, 1971.  “A picture formed in my mind and the magnum needle was the result.”

Nov 10, 1971.  Single Needle:  “I had trouble before with single needle wobbling unless it was a big #6, so this time I made up a composite of one #11 with a #10 on top for a stiffener.  Worked like a charm.”

Jan, 1972.  “”I like a short set for color and shade and a long taper set for outline.”

May 30, 1972.  “-years back we used to use all 10’s and then got to 11’s and 12’s but the 11’s were always kept in the machine for the red…  Better than either 12’s or 10’s…  sooooo  12 or 13 best for black lining and shade, but red seems to go better with 11’s.”